March 11th, 2002


I'm evil. Eeeeville, I tell you. ;)

Watched X-Files with Carolyn. Getting more and more confused and annoyed. Duchovny should be poked with sticks. Disloyal bastard. And apparently the baby is bulletproof. My head hurts.

Shannon didn't see it tonight. So she asked me to describe it to her over MSN. Her mistake. Heh.

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A parting thought (the last one! Really!)

Have you seen this Stouffer woman who's sueing J.K. Rowling for stealing her ideas for Harry Potter, specifically the word "Muggle"? (Which, by-the-by, I'd heard *before* reading HP, so there, crazy woman... :P And as for her claim of all records of sales of these books she keeps claiming exist being destroyed when her studio collapsed during a '96 snowstorm... FOL)

Now; I'm not exactly disputing her claim. Personally, I couldn't care less either way. I like the Harry Potter books. As long as they keep coming...

No... wait...that sounds... evil, somehow...

*shakes head*

Anyway... on one of her badly-made webpages she has an exerpt from one of her "books".

...and my only concern here is... why is this woman allowed anywhere *near* a keyboard? Not only does she say she doesn't think kids between 3-13 should be reading anything that requires "complex judgement skills" (that's an exact quote, btw, and what the HELL? o.O), but what *she's* written is... well... she should be kept *away* from a keyboard. Or pens. Or pencils. Or chalk. Or sharp rocks and soft ground...

I think the site is, or something like that, if anyone's interested... though I'd advise against it. Unless you go in looking for a good, loud, contemptuous laugh like we did. Otherwise, it'll just make you mad...

Bed. Right.
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About that well-beaten path... did someone drive into one of the sign-posts?

Sleep is now a lost cause. Instead, breakfast.
As soon as Carolyn wakes up, anyway. She has an early class, so I'll go to breakfast with her.

This is the post-it I left on her door:

Hey, Caro-chan...
Yes, it says Caro-chan and don't you *dare* laugh. It's seven in the morning and I'm a tad wired so I'm calling you Caro-chan now. Or Goober is still good.
No, I haven't slept yet. I'll explain later but I blame Shannon.
Right. My rapidly-dwindling point. If you're going to breakfast come knock on my door. I'm hungry. And for the love of God don't let me near anything with caffeine in it. --Ari

It looks a little strange reading it back. Hm.

It's really windy out. I can hear it. I hope it's not as cold as it sounds...
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