March 10th, 2002



You know what's really freaky? Watching a movie for almost twenty minutes... and just when you think it looks like a boring-ish movie, it turns out that it's a musical even though you didn't think it was.

And guys you never would have guessed could break into spontaneous song and dance... do.


It's still cold outside. Except now, there's idiots driving drunk, too. And street-racing. Uck. Thrice-damned Burmac. A drunken riot thinly-disguised as a hockey game.
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The guy's now dancing through a picture he ripped up. I'm weirded out. The random crowd is also spontaneously dancing.

It's probably bad that I'm forcibly reminded of "Once More, With Feeling", right?

...and... whoa. Chelie has an LJ. Hm. I really don't know what to do about this...

Ack. Damned Burmac.

There are Campus Police in Gilmora.
Yes, I hear you saying "It's a Saturday." and "It's a University campus." And yes. Under most circumstances, it's normal to have CP all over on Saturday.
But it's Gilmora. And there's Campus Police. In Gilmora. With guns.

In Gilmora. With GUNS.

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The barbarian wasteland of the Canadian East Coast comic book stores, no good restaurants, no Starbucks, one movie theatre, and video stores that don't rent anime. This is my personal hell. Yes it is.
Oh, yeah. And the throngs of drunken morons. And the racism. And the lack of food. Uck.

In other news, I have a midterm tomorrow that I didn't know about 'til Friday. And I don't have one of the texts I need to study with. ARGH.

I wonder what movie this is that I'm watching. Hm.
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