March 6th, 2002


Okay; the Alliance scares me...

I have one and only one pet peeve that is the root of all the other little ones. It's stupidity. And every time I start to think I might be wrong, somebody proves that I'm not, at least not entirely.

OTTAWA - The most recent candidate seeking the Canadian Alliance leadership defended his controversial views yesterday that the homosexual lifestyle can be harmful, saying medical science backs him up.
Grant Hill said in an interview that, as a medical doctor, he remains convinced that homosexual activity can be unhealthy in the same way smoking is.
"Flop open the medical textbook and leaf through it, the data is there," he said. ". . . As a physician, remember, if I found someone who was smoking, that's a lifestyle issue. If I found someone who was driving drunk, that's a lifestyle issue."

People... are sheep. Kielle is right. Burn, stupidity, burn. >.<

And... smoking, a lifestyle issue? Um, sorry, no. Smoking is an action, not a lifestyle. That's like saying Anorexia is a lifestyle. Or Cancer is a lifestyle. Nope. Uh uh. Sorry, scary Alliance-man. I mean... come on... of all the insane arguments you could come up with, that's it? I'm disappointed in you. Really.

Epi, back me up here... this guy's a quack, right? Give me your professional opinion...

Crazy quack. Argh. The people they get to speak for them in public. You wonder.

Hey; research for Political Science is fun. *evil grin*

Okay. Back to work. Academic sources. Right.
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La la la la la la...

Happy Birthday to Lise! I'm a bad cousin, not getting around to doing that sooner. *sheepish look*
But Happy Birthday anyway!

(And while I'm at it, a belated The Same to Girlyskin, because I forgot to wish her a happy birthday when it was her birthday.)