February 27th, 2002


Must read horribly-written Political Science journal articles, must read horribly-written Political Science journal articles...

...I've found a brand-new way to procrastinate. I think I might have invented this one. Someone tell me if I haven't?

Instead of reading the articles I spent two hours researching and downloading, I'm now analyzing my own unfinished writing. And writing down the anylysations. Yikes. There's a certain line in the most recent section that can be taken to mean at least two things, both of which add very interesting sideline dimensions to the character. I find this fascinating. Maybe I'm just petting me ego; but I've never written anything this complex before.

Anyway... this cannot be healthy. It cannot be good. And damnit, the fact that I *got* the research does *not* count as enough work for the day, and I know it.

I do. Really. ;)

Okay. *sigh* Working now...
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Okay; I've never *read* The Time Machine by H.G. Wells... but I've just watched most of the second half of the old movie. And I'm curious. Do they ever explain, at some previous point in the movie, anything that might tell us *which* three books he took at the end? It's going to drive me crazy; I know this. I'm like that. ;)
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