February 26th, 2002



You know that sort of euphoria you get when you finish something you're really proud of?

Yeah. Well, I haven't finished it, not exactly, but I do have the euphoria. I suspect this is largely due to the fact tht it's now 6:28 am and I'm still sitting at my computer. Yeah.

Point is, though, I've finished Salatio in Gurges. And it's not the end of C vs. E, but it is a huge chunk of it, which is good. C vs. E, as a whole is now running at 106 pages, 44,616 words. I have only one thing to say to that, and that's: Woo!

I think I might just be too lazy to reformat this for mailing. I think I shall just post a link, 'cause all two of my ML members are on my Friends list. The link is this:

http://sailorsaturn.com/~chandri/cs/cvse.html. Under Salatio in Gurges. Duh. ;)

Okay, and now the sun's coming up. I'm off. Definitely.
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