February 24th, 2002


Movie Night

Watched some good ones tonight. Keltie and I were pretty much the only ones left in the building, so we rented a stack of movies. First was Tarzan, which I hadn't seen, and liked. :) Then Hercules, which the VCR seemed to take issue with.
Then Dead Poets Society was on TV, and that's always good.
Then Road to El Dorado... which is one of my all-time favourites... and for some reason, Chel always reminds me of Trisha. ;) Hmm...

It's break next week, all week. Life is good... at least, it will be until I have to start working on that PoliSci paper on Monday... *sigh*

But tomorrow I fully intend to lie around and do nothing. And *after* that, *then* I'll do some work...

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Losing my tiny little mind..

Just had an extremely weird moment. I just looked down, and under my desk, I sighted something little, brown, and fury. Insanely, my brain said: "Rat!"

Actually, my brain said "What the hell's the otherworldly-looking fuzzy brown thing? Ack!"

I froze and stared at it for a moment, and I don't know why, because even if it had *been* a rat, being afraid of it is not something that would have occured to me. I mean, just a rat. I can only assume that the part of my brain that doesn't do useful things like transmit actual thoughts had other ideas as to the fuzzy-thing's nature, because I *did* stare at it for a moment, trying to figure out what it was as if it was the most important thing in the world.

I realized after a few minutes of staring that the thing was, in fact, the stuffed hedgehog that came with the Purdy's bag Brad gave me for Christmas.

You can imagine how silly I felt after I'd figured this out.

The hedgehog stuffie is now back in his place on top of my monitor, and I think he's laughing at me.

What do you think; insanity, intoxication, or just lack of sleep? No, wait, I'm pretty sure it's not that second one...
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