February 18th, 2002


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Okay... now knowing for a fact that Jack Chick was full of crap, I can laugh with confidence...


Chick's version of the origin of Halloween, just in case no one knew, is... er... completely wrong.
...and he's got a Druid holding an Ankh. From Egypt. There were... um... no Druids in Egypt. ;)
That, and the "ancient" Druids are sacrificing a woman with 40's hair. *snicker*
It's so wrong its almost funny... but mostly frightening.
Organized religion... scares me sometimes. But mostly Jack Chick.
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...and I feel I must add...

...there were no Jack-O-Lanterns in ancient Gaul... where most of the Druids were. It did not *start* in the British Isles. (The Druids were *not* pan-Celtic, and it's only a *theory* that they were sent to *study* in Britain, anyway...) The Europeans would have had turnips or something. Gourds. That was a Western tradition, and I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that pumpkins are native to the Americas.

...and the second sacrificial victim is wearing a poodle skirt.

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I'm going to stop going back to the site after this, I promise...

...the thing that amuses me the most about Jack Chick (aside from the complete lack of reason and rationality and... er... sense of proportion to reality...) is the fact that the tracts talk about people being "drawn into Satan's camp" like it's a game of Capture the Flag...

...though never having played Capture the Flag, I could be wrong... ;)
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I got something productive done this weekend!

...okay, not technically the weekend. But I started it when it was still technically Sunday, so it still counts. Pacific Time, I sort-of-almost made it.

But I moved my site to kimry's server for now (Here.) And perhaps soon I shall coerce - er, convince - my own domain out of my parents. Or someone.

The point is, I got something constructive done. And I'm making Kimry read stories.

Okay... maybe not constructive, per se. But we got to make fun of Jack Chick... so it's all good. ;)
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Me, sleep-deprived? Nah... ;)

Just read this...


(Don’t fret if you don’t get the often recommended eight hours of sleep a night — a study of over a million Americans suggests adults live longer if they only get five to seven hours of nightly shut-eye.)

...and now I'm debating actually going to bed or not... ;)

And... Stupid MSN Heading of the Day: "Garlic Health Wonders". I don't know why. o.O