February 13th, 2002


Weep for the future...

There's a kiddie game show on YTV called Uh Oh... and flipping through channels today I stopped for a moment to watch a segment called Speed Round, in which they ask ten questions in twenty seconds, for five points each. They tend to be blindingly easy questions, like "how many feet do you have" and "hippies have big hips, true or false".

Here is a partial list of the questions from the segment I saw.

"What country is Tokyo in?"

"What country is Saskatoon in?"

"What do you use to shovel with?"

And finally...

"What kind of animal is Scooby Doo?"

And the really scary part? The kid knew the answers to NONE of these questions.

How do you avoid knowing what animal is Scooby Doo? HOW?

And it's a Canadian show... seriously... "What country is Saskatoon in?"

So what *are* they teaching in public schools now?

I worry. Really, I do...
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