February 3rd, 2002



Okay... freaky NS-weather has taken a... er... freaky turn.
Now, not only is my window frozen *shut*, but the curtains are frozen to the inside of the glass.

I want this weather to be gone. I want it to be rainy and above-zero so that I can wear my comfy airwalks again without getting my feet wet. I want for the snow to *cease*. I do.

Hee. There was ice cream cake. It had Harry Potter on it. ;)

And Keltie gave me the Harry Potter card game. We still haven't figured out the rules. o.O

...from Paul and Patti came a t-shirt with a lobster cooking humans in a pot. It was very amusing and Lobster-Conspiracy-ish.

It's official in thirty-eight minutes...

...and I have had *way* too much caffeine. :)
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Reasons for not listening to anyone at two AM...

I just want to say that I blame Keltie. Yes, it's all her fault. Because of Keltie, and the ego-petting she gives me every time I give her more C vs. E, I was inspired to actually writing that next big chunk I've been promising her. Writing said chunk began around three... it's now seven.

I also want to say... I'm stupid. ;)

Also, I think Superstation was in on it. They played Witches of Eastwick (which isn't all that *great*, per se, but is amusing) and then right after that (now, in fact) they play Ladyhawke. Which despite its requisite (I think) eighties cheesiness factor, is a movie I can never resist watching.


I was planning on going to brunch... though now I'm wondering if I should bother going to bed at all... o.O
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