January 22nd, 2002


Some People...

It's snowing. It's snowing a *lot*... great, huge flakes... and with any luck, the kind that will block roads and keep profs trapped in the country. Yeah; I can deal with a little enforced isolation for the sake of a day off.

Though I'm starting to understand why I feel like my brain is melting in this town. It's like we're trapped here - you can't just hop on a bus and go somewhere with a little... well... *more* of... everything. It makes me *feel* trapped. A bit claustrophobic. Weird, huh?

The rest of this is a mostly-unrelated rant. Sorry.

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I just feel the need to point this out...

...old Spiderman was patently ridiculous. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but...

Okay; Peter Parker and Random Female Character crash-land on a deserted island. There are flying dinosaurs. Random Female Character is kidnapped by scary flesh-eating natives who plan to throw her into the volcano.

Predictably, Peter Parker turns Spiderman, and saves her. She is, of course, blindfolded by the natives and so when she takes off the blindfold, there stands Peter Parker, *not* Spiderman. Yet she *knows* Spiderman was the one who saved her, because somehow, the word "Spiderman" is the only English the natives speak.

And despite the indisputable facts that the only non-flesh-eating-natives on the island were herself and Peter Parker, Random Female Character fails to connect Peter with Spidey. Peter, in fact, tells Random Female Character that he was knocked out the whole time, and didn't see *anything*. No flesh-eating natives, no Spidey, no anything.

Now here's the really staggering thing: She BELIEVES him.


Maybe I just like to think that if *I* were stranded on an uncharted island with Peter Parker and Spiderman showed up, *I* might connect the dots. Hmm.

Ah well; it is Marvel. I suppose such things are to be expected. ;)

Now it's The Incredible Hulk... and the Villain seems to have an unreasonably large head... o.O
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