January 8th, 2002


*evil snigger*

My English prof is lost in the snow; so we don't have class.

And holy crap, is it ever snowing. It was half a foot when we went for lunch - when we came back at about one-thirty, it was one and a half. Now it's nearly two. And I can't see *anything*; the visibility is zero. It's an absolute blizzard out there - something like twenty kph winds and you can't even shelter your face, because the second you do, the wind changes direction and blows straight in your eyes. I'm seriously considering goggles at this point.

The cabs aren't running, so that means no groceries - because I'm not even considering walking through the semi-woods to the Sobeys in *this*. And... it's not even cold. It's just... miserable.

With any luck, my Gaelic prof is also snowed in somewhere. I think she lives on Cape Breton - maybe she didn't have early classes. *crosses fingers*

My power went out this morning for some reason, though - and if the power goes out again, I'm going to be thoroughly un-impressed. We're not allowed to burn candles anymore, 'cause some twit in the next building kept knocking over candles. (I mean, I'll probably do it anyway, but I could get *fined* for it. *growl*)

And I don't think I'd go to Gaelic anyway, 'cause if it gets any deeper, I'll be running the risk of getting lost in the snowdrifts.


Ooh! *squee* Do you know what Carolyn did for me, 'cause she's wonderful? She burned me all four OLP CD's while she was home. So now I have all of them. And a mix CD. *wide grin* Yay. :D

Going back to my window to stare out at the snow, which is now so thick it's practically a mist... o.O
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Tee Hee.

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Well, that sucked.

My Gaelic prof, it seems, is un-intimidated by snow. Damn. We did the whole class, even went *overtime* by twenty minutes (*grumblemutterswear*), regardless of the fact that only about seven people showed up. Grr.

I haven't wished for a violent snowstorm this much since fifth grade. Don' wanna go to school tomorrow... *whine*

But... *after* I go see LOTR tonight for the fifth time. After. ;)
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Well, this is new.

I learned something new.

Item one: Nova Scotia in January is freakishly cold.

Item two: This causes water to condense on the inside of windows.

Item three: In 150-year-old buildings where the walls are foot-thick stone, radiators make the room too *hot*.

Item four: When the radiator is not turned on, and it is cold outside, this allows for the condensed water on the glass to turn into ice...

...and thereby, my window is frozen shut.

This is new.
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