January 2nd, 2002


Ye. Gods.

I've just gotten ahold of the computer once again, after a few hours of trying... and I have something about last night, and my sister, and her stereotype-white-trash little friends, and the fact that they were rampaging throughout our house when we showed up, but... I'm too tired to recount it just now. So tomorrow. And it will be long... just as a warning.

I saw LOTR again tonight. And you know what I noticed?

Um. Spoilers. :D

When Boromir is yelling at Frodo, trying to get the ring from him, he's wearing this gauntlet... and on the third time, I noticed that the gauntlet is stamped with the One White Tree of Gondor. And I noticed it when I saw it tonight, and I poked Shannon, and I went: "Look! He's got The Tree on his gauntlet!" And she went: "Huh?" and I said: "Never mind. Later."

But the thing is... there's the White Tree... and after Boromir dies, Aragorn takes it and puts it on... which is kinda cool, and wasn't in the book, but was one of the cooler adaptions, kinda like how Boromir says: "Nobody tosses a dwarf" in Moria... which I'm pretty sure wasn't in the book, but was funny anyway.

That was a phenomenal run-on sentence. ;)

In other news, Shannon's new boyfriend, Scott, seems to closely resemble a human being. This is both disturbing and refreshing. It was disturbing at first because I couldn't find any reason to hate him. It was very strange... you have to understand, I've been working from a *pattern*, and all. But when he started babbling about Tom Bombadil and the Gifts of Galadriel in the car on the way home, I felt better... not only is he human, he's a Tolkien-geek. I approve. ;)

My eyes itch. A lot. They shouldn't...

I need to call the airline tomorrow and see if they'll let me move my flight... I want to go home *later*...
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