December 28th, 2001


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Is anyone else having this much trouble getting into Yahoo-anything? I can't get into Groups or my email. This is irritating me...
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I think that's always going to be the most intelligent thing I can say about LOTR... I just saw it again with my dad. And... and... sigh. Regardless of all the bits they cut, it's *still* the greatest movie ever made. :D

And I like movie-Legolas a lot more than the original Legolas... maybe because all that arrogance and cockiness is so much easier to see. It's fun. Especially all those gravity-defying moves and the arrow-things... such as the thing where he stabs one orc in the eye with his arrow, then turns around and shoots the same arrow at another orc... it's very cool. It brings applause.

Yee. :)

And Galadriel is still scary.

Ye gods, am I ever a fangirl... ;)
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