December 27th, 2001



Seeing LOTR *again* tomorrow, with Dad. Haven't been with him yet... and considering that he's even more of a Tolkiengeek than I am, this will be interesting... ;)

I got pretty things for Christmas. Among these were about... um... well, a whole lot of DVD's, including Shrek, Willow (squee!), the Ep One DVD, Hackers, and the entire first season of X-Files from Aunty Sue. And I got the Bakshi LOTR on DVD from Shannon (the delightfully cheesy one... ;) and the soundtrack from the proper movie. Unfortunately, I can't watch any of them 'til I go back to school, as Mum and Dad don't have a DVD player.

Got a discman too - since my old one died on the way to Muncton in August. And I got an M&M's dispenser from Shannon's parents... though I also got one from my courtesy aunt and uncle - so now I have two. One to fill and keep out, the other to put in the closet and gather value. Heh.

Hmm... ate obscene amounts of food on Christmas Day. Though I ate macaroni instead of turkey... ;) And I'm still mocking the itty tiny little Christmas tree we have.

Need to buy a proper coat, still, before I go back, to where it's cold. And boots. I should ask Lise the address of where she got hers...

Boxing Day made the malls even more frightening than Christmas Eve. Ye gods. There were forty-person lineups outside *everything*. Eventually we gave up and went to SallyAm and Value Village instead... and got a hell of a lot more stuff. Of course. And I think I'm turning Ki into a thrift-shopper. I'm all proud and stuff. :D

*yawns* It's quarter to midnight. I suppose I should go look at my lists now...
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...okay, I can't get into *any* of my Yahoo! groups. I really want to, but since I put them all on web-only, I can't read any of what's on there... so if there *has* been anything new on the SubCafe list, or on the Dycefic list, would somebody be so kind as to tell me, and perhaps forward it to me at (I can't even check my *own* mailing list... >.<)

My dad's hurt his finger, and is whining like a toddler. Must run.
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