December 21st, 2001



I... I... Kielle stole my line. *pout*
But... but...

I saw it opening night. We stood in line. It was cold, but fun. We kept having random bouts of Squeal-and-jump-up-and-down yelling "drawing attention to ourselves!" It was nice. We were right up front, too. I had to wait out front for my mum and my aunt to show up... and Aunty Lesley brought chocolate mint chip cookies. They were *really* good... she snuck them in in her purse.

Gooood cookies. :D

It was good. The movie was... it was... well, it was Lord of the Rings. It was... it was... um... *sigh* Well, I didn't miss Bombadil all that much, but Merry and Pippin irritated me... I hope they're better in Two Towers... but Sam was so cute! And Legolas... well, as Kristine and Rissa said repeatedly... he was preeety... ;)

More later, when I'm properly coherent again. I'm gonna go see it again tonight. :D

*goes away to do a Tolkien-fangirl dance*
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I did shopping yesterday. It was kinda scary, actually. Coquitlam Centre is freaking HUGE now. They added a whole new wing, and Nadia and I kept getting lost... weird, getting lost in a mall I've been going to since I was like eleven months old...
But I finished almost *all* my shopping. I even got Kielle and Laersyn a Birthday/Wedding/Xmas pressie, 'cause I'm cheap and Canada Post hates me. Now I just need to find their address... assuming I *have* the new one... o.O

And I got Lise's present, and it's good this year. I'm all proud of myself.

And Christmas clothing sales are good. I bought a shirt and pants that actually match (which is a new thing for me ;) and I only spent about twenty bucks on me. My Christmas present to myself, you know... ;)

Though how I'm getting all this stuff back to school, I don't know...

I had bubble tea. It was chocolate. I missed bubble tea... and Dad's taking me out for miso and sushi tonight. Yee... :)

That reminds me... I need to write a ficlet for school-Paul... *goes off muttering to self*