December 5th, 2001


A bit of... huh.

Anyone really bored and willing to be mildly confused, go read this. I'm still working out what it means.
Ah, well. It's three in the morning. You can't expect *everything* I write to make sense. ;)

I have a Sociology exam in... *glances at clock* six hours. I suppose I should sleep.
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Crazy maritimers...

...I'm gonna get myself whapped for that one.

It's snowing. Again.

Yeah, snow has an aesthetic appeal. But that's when you're making snowmen and having snowball fights right outside your house, or better yet, when you're sitting in a window with the radiator on full with a cup of hot tea, watching all the poor suckers forge a path from place to place and *you're* warm.


It's *wet* snow and *driving* snow and snow that comes with *cold* biting wind that rips open your coat and stabs you in nasty places. It's fifteen below and colder with windchill. More simply, it's SNOWING.

And there. Are. People. Wearing. Shorts. And. Sandals.

Stark raving lunatics, one and all. I thought the AC in the gym where we took the Sociology exam was gonna kill me. Fifteen minutes in I could no longer feel my fingers. Yipe.

Then I got outside. It was early, and I almost fell over.

Oh, but for the freakishly warm Decembers of Pacific Canada... *wistful*

Ten days and counting.

I'm going to go pass out now, and in a few hours start studying PoliSci. Yuck.
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*stomach grumbling*

I don't know *why* the entire floor smells like breadcrust stirfry, but it's making me hungry...

Know what I discovered? The MyPlay online music locker system is set up to take *so bloody long* that you give up out of desperation. I've been sitting here for ten minutes waiting for *one* mp3 to upload - and it won't let me upload more than one at a time. It is rapidly losing its appearance of efficiency.


Crackers. I wish I had crackers...
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