December 4th, 2001


Yee... ;)

I just watched Hook... it's a happy-happy movie. Yeah; one of those.
Ten days 'til I go home. Yay. :)
You may now return to your regularly scheduled whatever.
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You people certainly do know how to distract me from exams, don't you?

Hoo, boy. Smoot, Smoot, Smoot...

I suppose many expect me to go off on a rant about this.

Well, surprise, surprise, I'm not going to. ;)

Weird, huh?

Actually, having already replied in Smoot's own journal, I don't think much else is needed, except to clarify myself.

I said that absolutes are dangerous things. And they are. But mostly when they cast dispersion on other people's views of the absolutes.

Personally, I try to avoid supporting or defining absolutes altogether. Yes, there are moral absolutes - probably. But there are *always * extenuating circumstances. Maybe not ones that justify things, but there are those circumstances nonetheless. And as I've stated before, there are some things where *I* wouldn't stop to consider them. Because they might not matter to me.

I try to avoid *stating* absolutes, mostly, because I generally find myself arguing with Catholic/conservative folk who don't take kindly to me so violently disagreeing with their firmly-indoctrinated point of view. One of those lessons one must learn the hard way. Yep.

I'm certainly not saying that morality, most of all, has no absolutes. I'm saying that in the society that *I* live in, at least, those absolutes are a bit hazy, and have been for a long time. As long as I can remember being wordy enough to argue them, as a matter of fact.

Morality is defined by opinon - as Matt said, by what's best for the person arguing that morality. This is true. But when you get right down to it, *everything* is defined by opinion. (No, I'm not going to get into the "Reality is Highly Subjective" argument again, but you get the drift...) If that opinion is widely shared, it gets defined as "normal".

Yikes. I hate that word. It's another dangerous word. "Normal" defines more the majority than any absolute (there's that word again). And quoting again, "majority" does not necessarily mean "right". A *lot* (among ones I know, anyway) of people assume that just because a lot of peole they know believe the same thing, that that belief must be "right". Ie: organized religion. I can't state that they're *wrong*, because, well, I'm not god-like-figure (^_^) and I don't know everything. But I generally disagree with the majority - and I admit, sometimes I do it just to be contrary. Which is a bad habit, but really amusing.

...gotten off-track. Hum.

About the snuggly-thing - I'm not a touchy-feely person under normal circumstances. Y'know... stuff happens. But at cons and stuff, I'm a lot moreso. As many of you know. IRL, I'm a bit twitchy that way. But I feel a lot more comfortable with you lot. Don't know why - but I am. And so I lean on people, and I give massages, and I give skritches (when did that get instituted, anyway?). Other people usually initiate the contact, but it happens all the same.

The Internet can't really be blamed for that. I don't think con-snugglies are a horrifying slip of morality. That's just... well, I think it's bunk. I think that at cons, a lot of us are (I can't remember who said this originally...o.O) far from home, and a lot of us have much closer friends online than IRL, and a lot of us aren't used to being at all comfortable with physical contact, and at cons we try to squeeze in all that affection that we can't actually get when we're just chatting. It's a comfort thing. And if you don't feel comfortable with it, don't do it. No one is going to force-hug you, or pin you down and give you a massage against your will. It very rarely goes beyond that in mixed company. I've never seen anyone going at it on pool-tables at the B&B. (Did I miss something?) Hell, if it bothers you, tell someone, or leave. But don't rant just for the sake of ranting. That particular kind of rant was, and I think he must have known it was, begging for responses like the ones it got. Childish, a lot of them, yes, also expected. It's a bit silly to go off on a screeching rant about how "everyone else is wrong and I'm right" without *expecting* to get responses written in the same kind of mood. (A lot of them were, and that's not surprising.) It's even sillier to yell at people for responding in kind. And then to carry it on, back and forth, again? *shakes head*

I think we're all crazy. :)

But that's just my opinion.

(Is it just me, or is LJ not emailing comments/responses anymore?)
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