November 17th, 2001



Okay, the Good Thing is that I saw Harry Potter tonight. And it ROCKED. I'm gonna go see it again tomorrow afternoon, for the matinee, with all the people I know who *didn't* see it tonight. Er; this morning.

It was so cool. Almost as cool as the Star Wars premiere, and cooler than the X-Men premiere (but only because no one I went with had ever read the comic...o.O). People *applauded*. In all the right places. *dances* It's two - rather, three in the morning and I'm still hyper. We went back to Gil and watched Hackers, and then ordered Pizza and barraged Carolyn with Star Trek. We'll make her one of us... Resistance is Futile.

Shitty part; I might be getting a roommate in Gil. I don't *want* a bloody roommate. I just got *rid* of one. *glare* Plus it's on the fourth floor... and Gil hasn't gots any elevators. *cringe* I don't relish the thought of carrying a mini-fridge and a... um... I don't know how big, but a big monitor up four flights of stairs. Bah.

And I got back to my room, and I'd *finally* gotten Outlook to play nice with the email and let me send from it through the school server (dumbass that I am, I've been forgetting to set the SSL all this time... *foreheadsmack*... um, that means I forgot to tell Outlook that its new network is not only run by total incompetents - hell, give *me* two hundred bucks a student and I'll give 'em all pirate software *and* actually *fix* their tech problems, unlike our TSG - but is also paranoid schizophrenic. Stupid thing...). But NOW, of course, I can't seem to get bloody Shaw to *let* me convert my addy to an one. I didn't *want* to, but now that Dad's gone and f*cked with my alias-forwarding-stuff, I have to. *grumble* So for anyone who actually ever emails me, the only one currently reliable (that I don't hold unreasonable grudges against) is Yeah. My dad bought a domain. Isn't it wonderful? o.O In the near future, (sort of) hopefully, I'll also be reachable at

This is all disorienting. I've had for... um... hell. A long, long time. Now I have to go through the remains of my site and change all the mailto links, too... *sweargrumble*

Anyway, since the Shawsite doesn't seem to want to work tonight, I'm going to bed. I'll try and fix it tomorrow. Hopefully, the fact that Dad's gone and turned my addy from an alias to a real address means that I don't have to wade through the unspeakable chaos that is Yapoo-EgoGroups, changing all my addies... because... agh. Too much bloody work. >.<

Tired. But did anyone else think that Harry Potter ROCKED? I admit, it was probably better if you'd read the books like, five times, like I did... don't laugh at me. You all did the *same* bloody thing. ;) I guess it was more of a compliment to the book, but since I read the book, I don't care in the slightest. *grins*

Oh, good. Back to hyper. But I'm also tired... how strange...
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