November 14th, 2001


Random Creativity...

Not a clue where this came from. Cheese, cheese, cheese.
Quick; someone match it to a fic-verse!
(Yes, this is me shamelessly trawling for feedback... I'm bored. :)

We stand atop a mountain peak
Looking out upon the land
Throngs of people looking up
To the place where now we stand

We have strived hard to gain this stone
Passed others on our way
And, along, we've lost a few
Who gave up, who lost their way.

We stand with knees and elbows roughed
But here, at last, we've reached our prize
And maybe blood has stained the stones
'Neath where we passed with mournful cries

And maybe, still, more still will fall
And not remain at highest gain
But here, for now, we're looking down
At those below, who there remain

And more will come when we have gone
Pass o'er our steps, and further still
And younger ones will reach this place
And pass the top of topless hill

Some day, this height will then be low
As mountains grow into the sky
And little ones will clamber here,
And higher still, to greatest high

For now, though, we have reached our best
The greatest of the mountain race
And soon, we will begin again
By sprouting wings to keep the pace

And yes, there will be higher stones
And surely, some we cannot reach
But all that we must ever give
Is to stride, armed, into the breach

We have been armed along the way
Along the journey, peril-filled
At lowest, and at middle stone
Learned how to craft our blades with skill

We'll now go on to tear the sky
Some together, some apart,
Forever now will bear our blood
The stone that now amounts our heart

The sky will always endless be
To anyone who tries to fly
Whatever limitations stand
Are broken with the question: "Why?"

And new ones there will always come
To speak and see and wonder on
To ask the questions never dreamed
To do the task we have begun

There will be more, there will be some
Who climb and cling to moments gone
But others will reach further, then
To what lies here, just further on

Now, some will walk, and some will soar
And some will pass the highest cloud
And some must stand upon the edge
And make their fondest dreams aloud

We are beyond, this moment come,
Already gone, yet dreaming free
We'll pass the door, and break it down
To build the things that we must be.
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