November 13th, 2001


Stupid alarm clock...

I was in the middle of this weird dream when the alarm clock yanked me out of it. I'm starting to think that the accursed thing is messing up my sleeping patterns. It's gotta be better when I wake up on my own, but when my classes are never at the same time it's hard to re-train my brain for that. During highschool I always woke up just before seven, and cons somehow convince my brain to wake up even earlier. But now I usually wake up around ten, which isn't always any good, since I usually have 10:15 classes an it takes 15 minutes to *get* to Nicholson, where all the classes are. I'm on the bloody edge of campus.

Speaking of that, I seem to have had a combination of other people's problems. Our power went out on Sunday, while I was still asleep, and crashed my computer, for some reason. I actually *knew* it was going to go out - they said they were disconnecting four of the campus admin buildings in order to hook up the new Milennium Athletic Centre they're building. They never listed MacIssac, though, so I didn't worry about it.

Of course, X being X, Mac's power went out anyway. Even though we're not even on the same *circuit* as the Centre. *growls* I lost *eleven pages* of the first X-men fic I've written in... a *long* time. I'd saved it, but now it's nowhere to be found.

I really should start backing stuff up. Unfortunately, me being out here in the middle of nowhere with no trustworthy network to speak of , I really can't. The only place I've got to put stuff, aside from my harddrive, are floppies (of which I don't have enough, given that I have like... um... two, three gigs of data I can't lose), and the folder they gave me on the notoriously unreliable school server that keeps plunking the Nimda Virus into people's HDD's when they access. Reasons I haven't set up Terminal Server Client yet. Because the TSG can't seem to set up anti-viral software that actually works... probably because they're using some freeware thing not built for large network application. Seems to be their most frequent problem... aside from total incompetence, anyway.

Back to the dream. I woke up, in my bed here, and thought I'd slept through class. I swore and got up and rushed around for a minute before I realized that it was Tuesday, and that after Sociology I didn't have a class 'til 12:15. So I slowed down, and got back into bed, 'cause it was freezing. Then I wondered why it was freezing, so I got up again and looked out the window. There was snow absolutely bloody *everywhere*. Which wasn't so weird, because it's been snowing for a couple of days now, but not so it actually piles up or sticks or anything. In the dream there was snow up to the bottom of my window (I'm on the ground floor) and the path up to the SUB was buried. Actually, everything outside my window was buried, and for some reason the snow had been packed against the sides of the walls of Nicholson and the SUB, and decorated like those ice castles they build at the Carnaval in Quebec. There were little strings of lights, too.

I figured classes would be cancelled, since we couldn't actually get to them, so I turned around and asked Nadia (who was there, for some reason, in the empty bed) and Brad ( who was on the floor, and I hadn't noticed him the first time I got up) what they wanted to do, since I didn't have class. Neither of them answered, so I got dressed and tried to open my door, but I couldn't, and I'm pretty sure that's because it was snowed shut. At least, I remember thinking that. Which is weird, because not only does my door open on a hallway, *indoors*, but it opens inward. o.O So we couldn't get out, and I didn't really have any food, so we decided to wade through the snow to get to the dining hall. I think we went out the window.

Five minutes after we got outside, there was suddenly something wrong, or at least I felt like there was, and it started snowing again, really heavily. And after a few more minutes I lost Nadia and Brad, and I couldn't get any further in the snow because it was too icy for me to move. I was really starting to panic when the alarm clock woke me.

And informed me that I really *had* slept through my first class. *grumble*

Ah, well; let's hope Carolyn doesn't do the same - she tends to... - then I can borrow her notes. :)

Harry Potter comes out on Friday. *does a little happy dance* We're going to stake out the only theatre in town at about four PM and get tickets before the little kids. The theatre here is shared with like four other non-towns (sad, huh?) and I'm not getting beaten to Harry Potter by a bunch of kiddies. I waited nine hours for Phantom Menace, I can wait three for Harry Potter.

This weekend is going to be a good weekend, though, TV-wise. Friday is Harry Potter. Saturday is nothing, and that's when I'm planning to start working on my English term paper. Stupid Canterbury Tales... *muttermutter* Sunday is the best (and the busiest, though) day. The Reboot movie is on YTV at five PM, *does another happy-dance*, and Enterprise and X-Files are on at nine and ten, respectively. I think I've got a conflict, though, with this TBS movie I was going to watch, Invincible, which is on at... um... nine. I think. Pooh. Hope not.

I'm actually looking forward to Christmas holidays, even though to get to Christmas holidays I have to do Christmas exams *muttermutter*. I'm probably looking forward to it more, now, because Antigonish is so... well, Antigonish. I really want to go home. Only 33 days. :)

It's snowing again... damn. I'm enjoying it way too much when I show pictures to Carolyn (who's from here, and spent the last four years in Ottawa... *shiver*) of my yard at home where our flowers are still blooming and the leaves haven't fallen yet. *grin* The look of indignant horror on her face is just priceless. I don't like winter, though. It's *cold*. *sigh*

I was writing Babylon 5 fic in Gaelic class yesterday. (Bad Ari, no cookie...) And it was heavy-angsty differing-perspective-on-the-Death-Scene (y'know... THE Death Scene...) fic. And then I felt all melancholy for the rest of the evening. That was kind of fun, actually. I kept doing these dramatic sighs and when Carolyn asked my what was wrong, I ended up explaining the entire plot of the fic to her. I think I confused her, a lot. She reads fic, but I think only X-files. I've been trying to make her more of a cross-genre sci-fi fan... Star Wars, Trek, that kinda thing (Patti and I are gonna have to duct-tape her to a chair - she doesn't remember if she ever saw Star Wars, and doesn't think she liked it, if she did... o.O), and comics. That part's problematic, as I didn't bring any of mine with me, and Antigonish *has* no comic shops. (WEIRD.) I've been steering her at comic-fic, instead, as the next-best thing.

But anyway, in the course of explaining my B5 fic to her, I ended up plugging for the show, and I think I got her hooked just by talking about it. B5 is like that. Especially the Marcus/Susan thing... Carolyn's a sucker for romantic fluff and angsty romantic stuff. Probably why she likes X-Files so much. ;)

Unfortunately, they don't *show* it anymore *grumblemutter*, so I can't get her properly hooked by making her watch it. Not bloody *fair*. I *miss* B5. Wish Space hadn't stopped showing it. Really do.

My foot's falling asleep. And I should get dressed. Can't miss two classes today... er... rather, *shouldn't*. And I should eat first, so I don't fall asleep during anything today. Again. *cringe* And... my English group expects me, probably, to actually have something *done*. Sigh. I should do that, I guess, and not be writing B5 fic instead.

*Should* being a moral imperative.

Yuck. Dad-ism.

Ooh... must send JB the JB-pressie. Need the JB-addy... Hmm...
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1. What's your full name, and is there any reason that you were named that by your parents?

Arien Megan MacLeod Crossby
My first name is out of the Silmarillion, 'cause both my parents are Tolkien nuts. My sisters have pretty weird names, too. I don't know why I got Megan - probably because it's a Gaelic name. Same reason I got MacLeod - my mum kept her name when she married.

2. Speaking of your parents, how do you resemble them, in body and in deed?

People say I look like my mum; I don't know that that's true. I think I look more like my great-grandma on my mum's side. Build I think I get from my mum. I've got her short muscly legs, muscly arms, narrow waist but big hips. That build, however, might have something to do with the fact that I've been in dance since I was three, and my mum used to be a ballet teacher. I have my dad's hair type, but I got my mum's colour - dad's is brown and curly, mine has more red in it and is only curly when it's short. And everyone in my family is pale and freckly (except my youngest sister, who got *all* the one-eighth-Romany from my dad's side; she's dark and willowy, not like the rest of us, and *tans*! - Mum says I get the shape of my eyes from my dad's dad), probably from my mum's side, somewhere. No idea where my sister and I got green eyes - Mum and Dad have blue and brown, respectively, and my other sister has this really creepy shade of blue. Got my temper from my Dad, (unfortunately) and my creativity from both of them. And the way I talk has a lot to do with them - Mum was a drama major in college, I think, so she's very... deep. Get my frankness from my mum. Dad's British, so I have a tendency to over-pronounce my words and be a grammar Nazi, and my friend Carolyn says I use British inflections without the accent... which must be really weird to listen to, come to think of it...

3. Look at your left hand. In twenty to thirty words, describe it.

Uhm... do ellipses count as words?
It's... um... little. And really pale. Short, sort of stubby fingers. And I've got two rings on it. And... there's a scar on the wrist just above the heel, from the time a chainlink fence viciously attacked me. Two rings, one silver sorta filigree and the other abalone and silver.

4. What are you wearing today? And why?

Jeans and a t-shirt, and a grey sweater. And big fluffy socks. 'cause they're the first things that came to hand. Also, given that there's snow outside, seemed more practical than shorts and a tank-top. :)

5. How many serious romantic relationships have you had? If none, do you think your life would be much different having had one? If you have, how would your life be different without them?

*sighs* There's not enough space here for this... there've been a few; I guess... four, but they were all quite short-lived (which I guess makes them more *intense* than serious), except one that lasted four years but was only sort-of a "relationship" in that sense, except at the very end. That one made me a much stronger person, smarter, tougher, anyway, if only because of how it ended. Without the rest... I think I'd have somewhat less angst.

6. Have you ever been temporarily or permanently rendered physically incapable of actions you once took for granted? How, and what did you do about it?

Um... not really. Worst I've ever had are sprains and bruises. Did manage once to give my knee a really unpleasant smashing in dance, and that still gets sore if I sit still or fail to exercise for long periods, but it never rendered me really unable to do anything.

7. Give me three words - a noun, an adjective, and a verb - that tell me something about how your morning today has gone.

Basement: where I live, full of drunken idiots.
Loud: playing deep-base rap music at 9:30 in the morning is *not* the way to make friends...
Plotting: tentative plans to quietly assassinate the entire building if they don't let me move soon... ;)

8. Have you ever had major surgery? Defining "major" as having part of you cut open and closed up again. When and why?


9. How much of your paycheck do you spend on yourself? What do you usually spend it on?

I usually spend too much on stuff I can't afford. Often, books, and sometimes clothes, because there's no thrift stores here, otherwise it wouldn't be a problem...

10. Finally, what do you feel you are missing?

Home. Stability. Temperate weather. My dogs. My sisters (weird... ;). My friends. Japanese food. Anime. Babylon 5. UPN. Having a kitchen at my disposal...
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*random dancing*

[corny introspection]...dancing, like we used to dance with milk jugs in the foyer of the Save-On Foods. Singing, like we used to break into song driving out of the school parking lot just to get people to give us funny look. Giddy, like we used to have deep, theological conversations over Tazoberry Teas walking through Haney Place Mall and not caring who heard us. Excited, like when we played Star Wars Trivia on the sidewalk out in front of Harris Road Theatre for six hours, waiting for Phantom Menace to open.[/corny introspection]

Excited, like we ran up and down the stairs yelling when they killed Bob.
And then he came back.
And now he's gotten a haircut. (Thank all the gods... o.O)

Daemon Rising comes out on *Sunday*. Is anyone as excited about that as me? And then the S4 Premiere, something we weren't sure would even happen, is on the 29th. I keep seeing previews for the movie showing Bob doing the Bob-No over a disintegrating body.


Every time I see that, I think: It's not Dot. 'Cause that'd be stupid. And it's not AndrAIa, 'cause that was something Lise and I did in the Twilight arc. I can't figure out who else it might be, except maybe Mouse...

...and it's NOT BLOODY MOUSE. Mouse doesn't die. She's not *allowed*. She wasn't a Guardian in canon anyway, just in the Twilight Arc. There'd be no *reason* for Daemon to kill her.

At least, they never *said*, in canon, that she was a Guardian.

NO. I cannot abide by them killing Mouse. Not unless Bob's allowed to angst properly over it for the rest of the show, forever and ever until the end of time. And I know they wouldn't let him. So; no dead Mouses.

But then; who is it?!

This is gonna kill me, isn't it?

Harry Potter comes out on Friday. :D This weekend's gonna rock.
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