November 4th, 2001


*bangs head on desk*

Weeeelll... my site is gone.

Yup; gone. Completely, totally, unsalvageably gone. Redrival lost *all* its user data. All of it. So my site's all... poof. I've got all my data, still, but it took almost two years to get Crystal Shades up to where it was. It would take hours upon hours just to re-upload everything, and that's assuming everything was intact.

Damnit. That means Zeta's gone too - but that seemed to have gone the way of the dinosaurs awhile ago. Not like anyone went there anymore, anyway. It's a bit sad, really. I actually feel old. :(

Needless to say, I am not impressed with Redrival. Unfortunately, as I have no money, and hate banner ads, I can't put it back up. So it looks like that's it. Insignificant as it was, Crystal Shades has seen its last visitor.

Maybe it's for the better. I was spending too much time fiddling with HTML and not enough working as it was.

This is still very depressing...
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plane tickets... (aka: pointless bitching, you have been warned)

I just realized, reading other peoples' LJ posts about the famous Wedding, that I never got back to anybody saying I wasn't showing up.

Well, obviously, I didn't. :P

Which sucks, 'cause I really, really did want to go. Unfortunately, Air Canada has decided that it's going to screw me over as much as it possibly can until the government makes them drop prices or gives them money. This sucks. I barely got a ticket home for Xmas. Still don't know how I'm getting home in April.

And what really sucks is that I *did* have the money - have sixteen hundred bucks in my account, as a matter of fact - but couldn't use it. I need a thousand for my tuition next semester... and the other six hundred's all I got 'til then.

This really, really sucks. I hate this. First @home gets bought out and my email addy is threatened (oh, yeah; my address, which has been my address for... oh... four years, and is my primary address, may not work anymore, quite soon... it seems that whoever was running *their* servers went bankrupt. So... it might change. Or cease to exist. I haven't figured out which, yet. Just so everyone who cares, knows... it might at some point in the near future become which is going to be a huge bitch for the people who only know my contact info by heart. And now that Zeta's gone, and Crystal Shades is gone... *sighs* I'm gonna lose like a dozen people over this. This sucks.), then my site gets toasted, and now... *sighs* I really wanted to go.

Yeah, I'm whining. *frowns* But I *really* wanted to go. *And* my friends at home seem to have forgotten that I exist... and apparently Shannon's now living in my room. And has been for two weeks. No one bothered to *tell* me this... even though I've talked to Mum about four times since. I eventually got it from Ki, who thought I knew. I don't know exactly why Mum didn't tell me, or why she's there at all. Maybe she thought I'd be mad. I don't know - I'd really like to know *why* she's staying there. 'Cause it usually means she's had a falling-out with her parents, or has done something stupid. Last time, it was over something *I* wasn't all that agreeable about, either.

Whatever it is, I wish someone would tell me. 'Cause now it involves me. Not that anything she does *doesn't* involve me. (Tell me how *that* happened, please...) Ridiculous as this sounds, I feel responsible if she does something stupid and I'm not there to stop her, or at least yell at her for it. Because I know no one else is going to do it.

*bangs head on desk* Damnit. I wish I was home. Even though I know it'd probably be worse if I was there... I still wish I was home.

Or that I had the money to *go* somewhere other than the bloody campus.

I have a paper to write.
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