October 5th, 2001



I went to the post office after my last class, and I found that two happy wonderful things had come in the mail. One was my package from Mum (which took a lot less time than I would have expected, us not having Air Mail anymore and all...) containing, among other things, my two-and-a-half remaining packages of double-coat Tim Tams! Eee! I'm all happy about that. I now need to expose some of the deprived people here about the wonder that is Tim Tam.

The other thing was a postcard from Sassy. Which was very cool, and is very pretty. I'm putting it up on my wall. (With a tack, damnit, because they can't stop me... ;)

On a bad front, though, I'm alone at school for Thanksgiving. I was going to go to Cape Breton and spend it with relatives, but... well. Getting a ride out there was problematic, and in any case... I don't know. I like them, and all, but it's just not the same as being home. Maybe next long-weekend, I'll go and take Carolyn or something. But... *sighs* Ah, well. Won't be so bad, I guess. Gives me time to start on my Celtic Civilizations paper. I'm writing about Arthurian legend; this will be very cool. Now I'm really glad I bribed that copy of Morte D'Arthur from my high school library.

I wish I was home. *sigh*
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*eating a cheese sandwich*

They're only serving turkey dinner in the dining hall.
They're supposed to be *required* to offer a non-dead-animal alternative. I am *not* impressed.
...but I have cheese, and surprisingly enough, I also have bread.
And so I will eat a cheese sandwich, and drink tea and then eat Tim Tams.
Fie on you, o Morisson Hall!
The kettle's boiling.
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