September 26th, 2001


Moving, moving, moving...

I'm am *not* impressed with the Residence Office. Jen went home today, so her room is empty. I *want* her room. *glares at university* They won't *give* me her room, because other dumb frosh who didn't even bother to get here in time for the start of classes are on a list ahead of me. *glareglare* I am *not* impressed.
So I don't even know *when* I'll be able to move - it could be a week, a month, or not at all.
Not impressed.
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I don't wanna go to class. I'm tired. I got up at seven to go to with Jen to harangue the Residence Office - they weren't even *open* when we got there, even though they're supposed to be open at eight... everything on campus is open though, really, for about four hours a day, and is closed for like three hours in the middle of the day. I was *not* happy about that. So I went to the dining hall *ewewew*, where the food is nasty - breakfast doesn't bear thinking about. *ick*
*Then* we finally got into the office, and stood in line for half an hour (I don't know where all those people even *came* from, damnit...) just to have them be useless. They handed Jen forms and said she had to have the RA fill them out, and then bring her keys back to the office (her RA has early classes and won't be in until lunchtime... idiots...), and they told *me* that I can't specifically request a room, and since there are like five people on the Almighty List ahead of me...

I do *not* want to live out the year in Mac... *groans*
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Mystery Poster... Erm.

I was going through old entries today, and I came across my one and only anonymous reply. I dunno who it was. It said something like: "Like you can believe anything Brad says anyway..." *blinks* Which is weird. 'Cause I remember reading it, the first time, but thinking: "That's just Brad making fun of 'imself. But Brad doesn't *read* my LJ; so it was someone else's. I don't know who it was. And now it's nagging in my brain.
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