September 25th, 2001


Dah, dee dah...

My roommate is, it seems, very devious. We have to fill out this roommate contract where each of us specifies what we'd prefer in certain fields - stuff like what time is it okay to make noise until.
She didn't just *say* it to my face, which is what really pisses me off. But she wrote on the contract "no typing after midnight, weekdays".
SHIT. Is she *kidding* me?
No typing after midnght weekdays? That's when I write the most, when I talk to online people the most. It's not my fault that her keyboard doesn't make *any* noise, or that she's dependant on regular sleeping hours. Hah. And what about papers? Frell; I don't think I've *ever* written an essay that didn't end up around three AM. And I'll be damned if I'm going to change my working or sleeping habits for *her* benefit.
My solution? I think I'm going to change residences. Ian is moving to Mount, which is the house where most of my friends live, anyway, and there are still empty single rooms in their hall.
Oh, for my own room again... And a weekend without drunken idiocy...
*stares off into space and smiles*
Off to the planning. And the plotting. :)
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*sigh* A confession...

I started posting stories on I'd avoided it for as long as I could, I really had... but I don't know *any* Roswell fandoms, so there it is. There's other stuff up there too, now, from really obscure fandoms like So Weird (shut *up*... ;) and *cough*Digimon*cough*.
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