July 27th, 2001


I am a bad, bad, bad procrastinator...

...I have got to pack. *Got* to. I'm going away in *checks calendar* six days to the east coast and not coming home again 'til... ack! December! And I haven't packed! *mild panick*

And... crap. To anyone who's actually reading this, do not send any more email to chandri@home.com. I'm gonna start forwarding everything to my yapoo account, since I can't access the other one while travelling, obviously. That account is masked under arien@crossby.ca, because in a rare show of usefullness, my dad has offered to forward everything under that addy.

So; the only currently reliable addy for me is arien@crossby.ca. Send it there, and it will almost certainly get to me. Probably. o.O

Must... okay. Must pack. Must... must hunt down Shannon and get my DAMNED MONEY BACK. I know you're reading this, Shan, so get me my damned money... or I can't eat. And then, I'll have to come back, haunt you, and suck you into a scary glowing void through the TV like in Poltergeist. Of course you wouldn't put it past me. I'll do it.

Rrrr. I currently have about $180 Canadian to my name, and only about $80 of it actually belongs to me. Which leaves me $80 for eating, transportation and everything else from the 2nd of August to the 17th of August. I do *not* want to borrow more money from Mum...

So I must hunt down Shannon. Yes.

*spins around in nervous circles trying to remember what else she was going to write down*

Oh yeah. Packing. o.O
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