July 9th, 2001


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Oh, dear... now there's interludes. This is getting bad... o.O

In quarters where wonder
Obscures candlelight
Shadows might, perhaps
Obscure wonder,
Should we wander too far,
Or too blithely.
We have become arrogant
And thin-skinned
in our progress.
-- The Grey Ballad, verse 02, lines 9-16

Must finish arc... must finish arc... must finish arc...
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I GOT A FIVE on my AP exam!!! A FIVE!!! One person in our entire school last year got a five, and I got a FIVE!!! Out of FIVE!!! Which means I get to skip first-year english and not even have to pay for it!!! Yay!!
*does a happy dance*
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We were once creatures
of water and light.
And time has made us stone
and sugar -
Never seeking,
always looking,
walking unnarmed
in a mad world.
-- The Grey Ballad, verse 01, lines 1-8

Damn, damn, damn.
I finally finished "Minor Shadows" - my sequel to "Faithles Wrath" (no, oddly enough, not fic, original stories). They're the main stories in my new "Concrete Versus Empyreal" series. Short-stories. This is what I get for thinking I can write short-stories... and now there are two. Theoretically, there are actually five, if you count the fill-in-the-blanks stuff. I'm actually quite proud of this batch... last night I actually started adding poetic interludes between the stoires... shame on me... ;)

Problem is, I need at least (at *least* - I decided this) three more stories, possibly four,to tie stuff up and bring all the plots together and round everything off. And I can't think of a damned thing to write.


*And* Redrival's being pissy. *Just* what I needed...
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