July 4th, 2001


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I just saw A.I. *Very* Spielburgian. And apparently, Kubrik was in on it. An unsettling mix. It amounted to a deeply-touching commentary about the nature of the human soul, with a little Barry Manalow (I think it was Manalow, anyway, I'm hardly the expert... o.O) thrown in as background music for a robotic male prostitute. He shook his head and really cheesy music started playing from his nostrils. *And* he had intolerably bad pick-up lines. Kubrik. I guess I should have expected a weird sex thing in there, regardless of the fact that the main character was a nine-year-old robotic boy "programmed to love", and his talking, walking, super-teddy. Damn, do I ever want one of those super-teddies. That bear had a sense of humour. A witty one. :)

Then they shoved the whole story up two thousand years and brought in aliens. That part must have been Spielburg's. What is it with Spielburg and aliens?

It was also two-and-a-half hours long. Also Spielburg.

On a side-note, this digital cable thing is already paying for itself. I just saw an ad for some series called "Bush". Three guesses. ;) It's a series actually making fun of the current president, using real names and everything. This I find disturbing.

There's a reason no one gets this interested in Canadian leaders. I don't know what it is right now, but I'm sure there's a reason. You'd never see a series called "Chretien", all about Jean Chretien's illicit love affairs and... ew. Actually, stop that train of thought right there. I *do* know what the reason is, after all...

Need to go to school tomorrow and ask about transcripts. Need to actually *do* it this time. Also need to email StFX...

Damn. Also need to go bac to the t-shirt place and see about silk-screening for the PUTS shirts... tomorrow. Or rather, today...

Ye gods... I'm *bad*... I started compiling *another* series of short-stories. I keep telling myself that I need to finish *one* of my miniserieses before I start new ones... but I'm really not good at listening to myself... o.O
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I found myself drawing character sketches for "Concrete Versus Empyreal". I find Robyn and Theryl starting to look like Areahannah... this is not a good. This is a definite bad. I usually can't draw the same character twice. Now I can't draw different ones.

I also know I should stop creating new short-story series before I've finished a single one previously... on some level. :P

Must get ahold of Nadia... can't remember why...
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