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Augh. Tired.

Yep, I'm finally here. In Nova Scotia. At school. In my cold little res room. I would have done the "I arrived safely" message sooner, but I've been wandering the east coast for almost two weeks and haven't had reliable computer access since then. I did a cross-coast tour thingy with my mum and Lily starting on the 17th and they left only about three days ago.

But here I am now - with my computer and my net connection... after a fashion, anyway.

The good news is that there's no rats, my roommate is almost likely to survive the year (providing I don't kill her out of irritation... ;), and there's so far only one idiot down the hall who plays crappy bass music 'til all hours of the morning - and that will hopefully end once classes start.

The bad news is that while I can still receive mail on my old address, I can no longer send from it, at least not here. I don't know how I'll be working that out, but it may turn out that I have to use a freaking webmail account *mutterswearmutter* to send mail. Bastards. So if any of you gets a message from me from a hotmail addy, or worse, my xmail addy here at school, don't be confused - 'cause I'll be confused anyway, and that's just too much confusion.

Did that make sense?
Of course not.

I *do* have con pictures, already all pre-scanned, since I had a digital camera, but I haven't gotten around to going through them yet as the camera and the photo programs are misbehaving to such a degree that I may have to re-install them. I will also do a con report - but it won't be today, and it won't be the day after.

But you know something I realized? All the stuff they organize for frosh is really, really boring. At least from my perspective. It's essentially an exercise in finding out how stupid you can make people act to prove their house alliances. *shakes head* Last night, at something called "Dancing in the Streets", people were supposed to go up to SUB people, who would tell them to do something stupid - like proposing to strangers, carrying the SUB member around on their shoulders, playing wheelbarrow or rolling across the lawy - to earn xeroxed fake money - and the house that earned the most money would get a prize. *shakes head again* People are sheep. That's really all there is to it.

Gods, I'm tired. I'm sore, and I have itty little bruises up and down my arms from carrying all my boxes from the residence office to my room (about eight minutes' walk - hell), and I'm hungry, because the meal plans don't start up 'til tomorrow and there are no regular meals, just orientation picnics and intro barbecues - none of which, as you might imagine, appeal much to a vegetarian. Though the pancake breakfast was pretty good - they gave us strawberries.

And the dining hall serves Kool-Aid. :)
(That reminds me - I need to buy coat-hangers...)

But anyway, I have stuff to do. So I'm going to go do some of it now.

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