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Got ideas at work again.

Got them from the snow, I think. Among other things. I should start carrying more paper in my apron, instead of using up all the Price Discrepancy forms, like I've done twice now.
I have this unreasoning contempt for Dadaism.

A fair amount of what I write is sentimental rubbish; designed and intended to invoke an emotional response. I realized this, long ago, while writing a story and finding that the direction of my words was toward the goal of communicating something I felt, and wanted the reader to feel, rather than making the words seem pretty and prosical (if *that* is a word).

I suppose all art is like that, really. At least that's the impression I've always gotten - or maybe it's only that I *think* all art should be like that. That to be classified *as* art, it must have purpose - invoke emotion, or convey it, which I suppose are the same thing, just as intellect and emotion are the same thing, though almost no one realises it. I think art should be like that. Emotional. Meaningful. Purposed. Most art *is*.

Except the Dadaists. But they don't really count.

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