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You know how people say the French are rude? It's all true.

Well, no. I take that back. Not *all* the French. Just the entire staff of the Four Seasons in Montreal. I finally broke down and phoned in our reservations. And the guy on the phone was really mean and impatient, and made fun of my accent!

It's not *my* fault I'm Anglophone! I learned French in immersion, for crying out loud! What's he want?

But he was really rude. He was so mean I almost cried.

Well, maybe not quite.

But I feel like I should complain, or something.

BUT (notice the caps) I feel a whole lot better now - I booked all of Quebec City and Montreal. That's one big lump I don't have to worry about anymore. Whew.

Now... I just have to do all my packing... *pales* But Lise will be here soon to help me, because I'm making her dress. Fair's fair. ;)

But it *is* a gorgeous dress. It's all 100% Thai silk, deep, deep blue with brocaded flowers. So not only does she get to *look* great, but I get to show off my seamstressy skills.

Well... not really. Mum did the hard bits.

But still. ;)

And he was so *mean*!!

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