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Damn, damn, damn...

[[in honor of the creepy Eve 6 X-files ep that was on Space tonight... *shudder*]]

Reading Rossi's livejournal reminded me I had to start packing (Yes, *start* packing. Shut up, all of you.), so I did. Well; I packed some. To be more specific, I rooted out about half the stuff I've got to take and heaped it in the basement.

Gods, it's a big pile. *cringes*

I'm *still* enjoying the digital camera. *snerk*

And it's only half. *pales*

But most of what remains is my computer, (which I'm not packing 'til the night before I leave, ye gods) my guitar, (for which I still need to get a shipp-able case), software, books, and clothing. Oh. And as soon as Shannon pays me back, I'll be set.


Yeah. Well. I've got to do *something*. Heaping stuff into large piles felt constructive. At least the room is slightly emptier.

Damn. Must call @home tomorrow to see if my addy is transferrable. Must... get dad to transfer my mask to my yahoo account so I can actually receive mail. Must put all lists on webmail... so they can pile monstrously up in my absence. (*faints again* I remember the last time I did that... thousands of messages are just gonna break me... but I understand first-year is *supposed* to be hectic. Hey; I'm trendy. *sour face*) Must... must... book Montreal. MUST BOOK MONTREAL!!! I have to *call* Montreal, damnit, or we won't have anywhere to stay. Bastards. Told me they had space, then told me they didn't. Ack. Must call Quebec City hostel to confirm. Must get CD player back from Nadia. Arg. Must stop listing. My head's gonna explode...

Must buy shoes.

Well... maybe not *must*... ;)

And I have to get up early tomorrow to keep Cozzy company.

EARLY?! *sigh*

Two more days. Ye gods. There's no way in hell.

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