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In Vancouver... party in Maple Ridge... ugh.

Turns out they *are* having a *thing* for me. Today.

I found out about this a few days ago (though I don't think I was really supposed to). Faya and everyone else told me it was at 4:30. Today. So I'm out in Vancouver with Mum yesterday, at Pacific Central figuring out train tickets for August. I call Robin-Kim - who lives in West Van. I was planning on dropping by to retreive my pajama pants that I lent her the morning after DryGrad, exchanging for them her RenFaire dress that I've had forever.

I call her as we leave the train station. She says she's going to Bard (Bard on the Beach - Vancouver Shakespeare festival that runs I think from about June 'til September every year. I volunteer sometimes, though less now since the bus strike.), so I detour, Mum drops me off at Robin-Kim's new place, and we go to Bard. We stay 'til about midnight 'cause it's fireworks night. (Symphony of Fire - I refuse to call it Celebration of Light. That's just silly.) I sleep over at Robin-Kim's house.

(Bard was fun, though. Once we got through bussing tables and serving food - damn I hate it when people give me 'Merkin money... I was working ice cream last night. You know how hard it is to change twenty US outta 3.50 Canadian? Argh... - we got to watch the fireworks from the back of the big open-air stage where they were doing - I think - Taming of the Shrew. They always do that during fireworks. Then we get to eat some of the yummy catered food and they give us hot chocolate and things... it was nice. Even if there was a bloody tree in the way the whole time. South Africa did pretty good its first time out.)

This morning, I wake up about 9:45am. I go back to sleep, then wake up about noon. Then Faya calls. Says Mum's up in arms 'cause I'm not home yet. I check my mailbox - she's left like three angry phone messages in my voicemail.

Now. She told me 4:30. It's only about *three* right now. And she TOLD ME FOUR-THIRTY.

Bloody family. Yes, I know it's a party for me, but it's not as if I can do anything different. Kim's dad is driving us back to Maple Ridge. If there were buses we'd've left about ten. But there aren't. And the train doesn't go early-morning on Sunday. And the Skytrain (subway/monorail) only goes as far as New Westminster.

So why's she yelling at me? I told her yesterday when I'd be home. If she was so worried, she should've yelled at me then.

Is it my fault that people (Fradia and Brad) showed up *last night* and stayed over? Hell now. *I* didn't make our house a hotel by myself.

Bah. I'll be home in forty-five. I think. And the brownies are beeping... o.O

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