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Reasons not to drive an 18-year-old car four hours over the border...

Discovered a new word tonight. Carma. It's a word. Really. It mostly applies to Lise.

See, Lise is a relatively good driver - but she scares the crap out of me sometimes. She drives, like, ninety kph on rain-slick highways in the pitch-dark. I could *never* do that. I'm just too paranoid a driver.

Today, we drove down to Seattle (or near Seattle, anyway) to pick up Cozzy from her aunt and uncle's house. *That* took us about three-and-a-half hours, but mostly because of the traffic on our side of the border, and at the crossing. (Note to all: *never* try to cross at the Peace Arch at 3pm. Ye gods.) We eventually found the place, after a few mishaps. Note: *few* mishaps. It was pretty much clear all the way down. Remember this fact. It will be important further on.

We grabbed our passenger, and headed back. About twenty minutes onto the interstate, Cozzy gets sick - thinks it's the stomach flu, so we have to go back and take her back to her aunt and uncle's place. (Sidebar *patpat* for Cozzy) So. We get back there, and sit 'round for about a half-hour, call my mum. Then we say g'bye to Cozzy, since she's not feeling that well - the trip's a bit of a loss at this point anyway. By the time we leave, it's just starting to get dark.

It starts to pour down rain - Vancouver-style rain - just as it hits full dark. Now *that* was fun - slick roads, limited visibilty and absolute shit windshield wipers (note to self...), and Disa-style driving. Eeeyagh.

We *did* eventually make the border crossing alive, about ten-thirty. Then we sat in line for fifteen minutes for gods-know-why. Idiots.

We finally got across, obviously. And we think: "It's only about an hour, hour-and-a-half drive home from here." 'Cause it usually is. From Cloverdale.

But we, brilliant people that we are, went back through the Peace Arch crossing. Come to think of it, neither of us really knows why we took the Peace Arch in the first place... but we did. And it didn't occur to either of us that maybe the I-5 doesn't automatically turn back into Highway #1 once you cross the border. Neither of us really thought to factor in the fact that there are *two* routes branching off the Peace Arch crossing. (stupid Peace Arch crossing...) One goes home - the other goes through... get ready for this... Surrey. Gah!

That's what we said. Now, for those of you who have no idea whatsoever I'm talking about, I'll explain. The way that went home would have taken us about an hour at most. But Surrey... well, Surrey is a fair distance away. We actually drove along that road for a while before we really realized anything was amiss. Then we started seeing signs that read Tswassen and Richmond. And Tswassen is about a two-hour drive - Richmond is more. So. By the time we went through a tunnel, we were sure we'd gone the wrong way. I was *sure* we hadn't gone through a tunnel on the way up.

We started scrutinizing the road signs anxiously once we realized we were off-course. We ended up on the Westminster Highway, which ironically enough, does *not* actually go directly into New Westminster (which really would have been much more helpful...). It actually bends off toward Vancouver - big, faraway Vancouver - and we wanted the suburbs.

We were somewhere in the middle of a creepy, dark, signless, lightless farmland place before we finally gave in and called Disa's mum - who helped us get at least mostly back on the right course. We re-discovered the proper highway and got back home in the prescribed hour-or-so.

Soooooo sleepy... need tea...

There. Y'see? *CARma*.

Ugh. Tired...

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