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"Jesus is the reason for the season..."

To be honest, that phrase has always bugged me - but then, Christmas has never been religious as far as I'm concerned - rather, completely secular. I mean, sure, for some people it *is* religious, but the whole tree/stockings/Santa thing has nothing at all to do with Jesus. People are nicer to each other (unless they're in retail, or *shopping*). People are more tolerant. People are more considerate. (Look at Scrooge!) And more people celebrate that than go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

For one thing, Santa is European folklore, not biblical excerpt. The "Saint" Nicholas thing was retconned into it later on. Santa's from the Laplands, for crying out loud. Reindeers!
And the tree - the tree's all about Yule, which is a *Pagan* holiday. But every church I've ever peeked into around Xmas is bedecked with dead trees (uck, but that's another story) and shiny things. I'm amused by the irony of a Catholic church decorating with Pagan symbolism. ;)

...I admit ignorance about the origin of the stockings.

"Jesus is the reason for the season", huh? Apparently not, if they're no longer allowed to sing The Twelve Days of Christmas on Canada Post commercials anymore (it's The Twelve Days of *Giving* now). Yeesh. Political corectness *can* go too far.
For example, if you buy a Christmas tree now, they call it a "Seasonal" tree, instead. Because they don't want to offend any prospective customers who don't celebrate Christmas (Don't even *try* to reason that one out...).
Now if only they would tell me which season they meant... o.O

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