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" we take Death to reach a star."

Had the dreaded art history test today - this one was all abstract and architecture. And impressionism. Which part I liked, because the impressionists, I like. Vincent is good. And I wish I had a good poster of Starry Night. It's my favourite Van Gogh.

I think I did all right - I may have muffed up a couple of questions in the Roman architecture section, and I still can't remember which part is the frieze... I should probably look. Hmm. But I remembered all the columns. I'm all inordinately proud. Miranda had a good mnemonic device, because I kept forgetting the simplest columns were doric columns - and she said, just look at Dorian (who was sitting right there, and looked a bit perplexed). Dorian gave us a funny look and said he wasn't sure being made into a mnemonic device was a compliment... or not. ;)
And I remembered all the post-impressionists, too. Hah. And I wrote a *fantastic* essay (if I do say so myself) on the extra-credit question, which was to look at The Night Hawks (You know that painting with the Philly's Diner? That one.) and explain how the components of the painting communicated a sense of loneliness. Bwahah. Take that, Maestro. Take that, bloody Rennaissance painters with your uber-representative religious art and your heads outlined in windows...

Nadia's offering me cheap groceries. Hee. ;)

On the bus this morning, I actually *accomplished* something! Usually I alternate between dozing, staring out the window, and inching away from the smelly people next to me. But this morning, I got a single seat, and pulled out my itty notebook, and roughed out the whole rest of Double, Double. I was all proud of myself. I know where it's going to go, now, and what's going to happen. All there's left to do is to actually write it. I never do outlines. Which is probably why I rarely finish anything. ;)
But after that I finished the story count, and very roughly outlined the two (oop, three) stories after Double, Double - there will be twelve. The other three are to be called In a Blue Moon, For Want of Red Feathers, and Fois d'e T'annam - because I just *had* to stick some gratuitous Gaelic in there somewhere, and I've been holding on to that title since April. It means "peace to his soul", which is only fitting.

So Keltie, if you're reading this, I actually *am* still writing C vs. E, see? I'd show you the outline, but that would ruin it, and then you'd have to come all the way from the Yukon and kill me. And nobody wants that. ;)

And finally, I finished my latest classical animation project, which was all about follow-through - though I had a hell of a time getting the damned software to function consistently enough to actually do it. Something must be done about that.

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