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Finally sat down and watched the Fellowship DVD...

...just the film so far, you understand - not all the extra features, as there are two discs of that.
And oh my *god* is it ever better with all the extra footage. Wow. Emphatic wow. All those little jumpy cuts that really pissed me off: gone. Extra lines, extra explanations - and she gave him the rope! And... and...
*happy sigh*
So much better without all the time-cuts. So *very* much. I am pleased. Arwen Sue still irks me a bit, but eh... *shrug*

Dad and I were in the kitchen after... and he was talking about how he sent Song of Arwen to Peter Jackson. He pointed out that there's forty-five minutes - forty five minutes! - of credits on the Fellowship DVD. (They listed the entire Tolkien fan club in the credits! o.O) So, he said, if they plan to do something similar at the end of Return of the King, they'll certainly have room for Song of Arwen. It's just that no one will ever hear it!
Except, as I pointed out, for maybe, the really devoted Ring-Geeks who go to the midnight pre-shows - those folks tend to stay for all the credits. (For one thing, I imagine they'd be hoping to see themselves on that list. ;) I do. It really pisses off theatre staff. But hey; if they're staying 'til four in the morning, they probably volunteered. I'd hope, anyway. ;)
But wow, wouldn't it be cool if they *did* use it?
Forty-five minutes! Of credits!

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