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I am a bad, bad, bad procrastinator...

...I have got to pack. *Got* to. I'm going away in *checks calendar* six days to the east coast and not coming home again 'til... ack! December! And I haven't packed! *mild panick*

And... crap. To anyone who's actually reading this, do not send any more email to I'm gonna start forwarding everything to my yapoo account, since I can't access the other one while travelling, obviously. That account is masked under, because in a rare show of usefullness, my dad has offered to forward everything under that addy.

So; the only currently reliable addy for me is Send it there, and it will almost certainly get to me. Probably. o.O

Must... okay. Must pack. Must... must hunt down Shannon and get my DAMNED MONEY BACK. I know you're reading this, Shan, so get me my damned money... or I can't eat. And then, I'll have to come back, haunt you, and suck you into a scary glowing void through the TV like in Poltergeist. Of course you wouldn't put it past me. I'll do it.

Rrrr. I currently have about $180 Canadian to my name, and only about $80 of it actually belongs to me. Which leaves me $80 for eating, transportation and everything else from the 2nd of August to the 17th of August. I do *not* want to borrow more money from Mum...

So I must hunt down Shannon. Yes.

*spins around in nervous circles trying to remember what else she was going to write down*

Oh yeah. Packing. o.O

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