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The machines... they're plotting against me.

I had an animation project to do today. I turned down a shift in order to get it done.
I did the drawings at home, then got in my car and drove to school. I got there around two, went into Lab Two, found it completely full - both capture stations were in use.
Went into Lab One - same thing.
Finally, went into the Free Lab, both stations free. Raised an eyebrow as this was strange for a Sunday. Sat down at station one, opened AXA - was informed that Windows 2000 was unable to load the capture driver. Snarled. Switched stations.
Captured drawings.
Realized halfway through that I had lost drawing thirteen somewhere - cursed, captured drawing twelve in its place, intending to replace it with the proper drawing later once I had redrawn it.
Realized three-quarters of the way through that I needed inbetween drawings for two other frames - two more drawings. Cursed again.
Finished capture and went back to Lab Two to do my drawings.
By the time I had finished re-drawing and correcting, the Lab Two capture stations were still in use - I went back to the Free Lab, and sat down at the previous computer to capture my missing drawings.
"Cannot load capture driver", the computer informed me. I switched stations.
Same message. I cursed again.
I remembered then that while the Lab Two capture station had been in use, the scan station had been free. Went back, sat down at the scan station, put my drawings in the scanner, opened AXA. Mentally grumbling at having to recapture the entire run in a different format, decided it didn't matter since the scanner was so much less work.
Ran ScanIt. Went through setup for Scan. Clicked Scan.
Nothing happened.
Went through setup again. Clicked Scan.
Again, nothing.
Cursed. Rebooted. Tried again. Failed again. Cursed again.
Saw, out of the corner of my eye, the capture station free up - seized drawings and made a mad dash for the chair.
Opened AXA - lo and behold, it opened! And worked!
Went to recapture only the missing drawings - but the quality of the capture on this station was about a dozen times better than the last one. My rarely-sighted obsessive perfectionist streak kicking in, decided to recapture the entire run. Did. Finished. Resequenced frames. Added inbetweens. The whole thing took about half an hour.
Closed the capture, opened the compositor, went through setup. Clicked Composite.

And that was when the computer died.

Not crashed, not froze. Died. Shut itself off for no apparent reason.
And refused to turn back on.
For ten minutes.

And that was when I packed up my stuff, said "screw it", and went home, filling in four separate EFR's on the way out (Equipment Fault Report - at the Unhelpful Desk). The teacher can just try it himself on Tuesday and see if it works for *him*. :P

When my car gave me lip about starting in the parking lot, I nearly screamed. Fortunately, she seemed to sense my mood, and *did* start. Which explains why I am home now.

Bloody machines. At least when Bugger... buggers up I can usually *fix* him. *pats Bugger*


Later, at dinner:

*clattering of cutlery*
Mum: Who's cleaning up?
Dad: Numfumnufufumfufum.
Mum: What?
Dad: *setting down spoon* Last one to finish cleans up.
*loud clattering of cutlery again as everyone turns to look at me, just scooping the last spoonful of cake out of my bowl*
Me: Um. *bolt*

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