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Why do my friends come over here, and then spend the whole damned time hanging out with my dad?

Actually, I know why. It's because he's a big, British windbag who has this ability to sound absolutley fascinating for hours on end even when he's got no idea what he's talking about and is simply full of it. And so he talks, and talks, and talks, and people listen. To nothing! For hours! And ignore me.

No, I am not being egocentric.

Something to know about my dad - he writes a role-playing game called Harn - and when people ask him a question, he always acts as if he has the answer... which, nine times out of ten, he doesn't. Just because he writes Harn does *not* mean he knows everything, or even close - no matter how much he thinks so. And he flips if you even *suggest* that he's mistaken about something. His minor fame tends to over-inflate his already over-inflated ego, and now he's going to Finland in August to Ropecon, where he's apparently going to be the guest of honour. Yeah, I can just imagine how modest this'll make him...

It's just that I'm leaving in about two weeks for *months*, possibly forever, and no one seems to care. It's like nothing's changed, or changing. Though gods know they're all plenty eager to help me pack. It just makes me sick. Maybe I won't come home for Christmas.

Yeah, maybe I am being a little over-dramatic. I just wish someone would act as if they were going to miss me - step one would be by not spending more time with my windbag dad than with me when they come over here. Or at least pretend like they're going to miss me. Even a little.

And now people are getting all pissy with me every time I fret about how I'm going to *eat* for the month before school - I have no idea, by the way. Unless I can cash my student loan, and then it's likely gonna be just DexCon. And that is certainly where I'd spend first - my priorities being what they are. Nadja needs to understand that just because I have a CST and loans does *not* mean I'll be living lavishly come fall - all that money just barely covers tuition and books, and I'm still going to have to get a job to eat. Not all of us can get thousands of dollars in scholarships, and I don't qualify for grants or bursaries. It just makes me so angry sometimes...

And I'm *cold*.

*sigh* One word. Cheesecake. And then I will watch the Roswell eps that are sitting on my desktop...

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