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F*cking Softimage...

...just *wouldn't* stop crapping out on me. Those of you who've used this program (of EVIL) will know how buggy it is - but for those of you who don't, let me enlighten you. It takes up so much RAM that it crashes the computer every other session, lags about *nine* times a session, and pretty much *every* session, goes buggy halfway through a project so that you have to restart to knock it back into working order.

And this software is the industry standard.


It didn't really help that he only explained the incredibly easy one, and left us to figure out the really complicated one ourselves. He seems to do that a lot.

I went in at seven-thirty to finish my 3D project, but only got halfway through it before Softimage started dying on me, in fits and starts. By the time I got it up and running again, I had to leave, both to pick up Shannon from work and to make sure I actually got at least an hour of sleep before getting up at six for Thursday class. Damn. I should have stayed Tuesday night to finish it all, I suppose, but the buses would all have been gone by the time I was done, and I'd have been stranded...

So... since I can't really go in early, my project is *not* finished. And it's due tomorrow. Sigh.

I could have finished it if only he hadn't given us THREE PROJECTS on a Tuesday and made them due for Thursday. What if I'd had class 'til seven-thirty on Wednesday like I do most days? Most days I'd just stay 'til ungodly hours of the morning to finish - but that's usually a Friday, and due Monday... I can't really stay 'til one in the morning on a weeknight when I have class at nine the next morning.

Here's hoping he hasn't figured out how to access the network folders yet...

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