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Crap. Crap, crap, crap. I have to START PACKING. I have to make myself start packing, because I leave in... actually, a little more than two weeks. But I still have to pack. Mum keeps yelling at me to pack - and I do have to. I need to pack all of my stuff 'til December in one duffel bag, six boxes, and still be able to tote my guitar case and computer... gah, this is going to be hard. And I have to figure out how to pack a month worth of clothing et al. in the one duffel bag - gonna be in Toronto from Dexcon 'til the 17th when Mum and Ki join me. Then it's up through Quebec ('cause Ki's grade seven class didn't *do* the Quebec trip, because their principal was a simpering, crowd-pleasing idiot... but I digress...) and down through the Maritimes to Cape Breton. Damn, I need to book Montreal and Quebec City... *kicks self*

You never realise how much stuff you actually have 'til you try and stuff it into a few boxes. Damn. I don't even know how big my dorm is gonna be... *mild panic*

I just hope my X-Men stuff gets here tomorrow... I'm getting very impatient...

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