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So, since none of the equipment was working right yesterday, the instructor decided that, to "make it up to us", she'd arrange for us to get cameras for two-and-a-half hours this week so that we could do our interview things (which we did during class, albeit one at a time and with only one camera) and practice with the cameras.

And as it turns out, everyone in my group decided that Saturday was a more convenient day for them. Saturday. Nevermind the fact that I wasn't *going* to go in on Saturday, and that was the whole point of me busting my butt two nights ago on my Animation project. Nevermind the fact that for all of them it's about a half-hour trip, but for me it's an hour and a half.


So anyway. I suppose I shall have to finish my 3D project *tonight*, since I'm not going to have *time* tomorrow... tired.

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