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Morning Gripes: Thursday

1. Number one today is my own fault - the skytrain made a noise I'd never heard it say before, and the lady-voice said: "Millenium Line, to: Commercial Drive". And in a moment of panic, I thought: "Oh, crap, I missed the station". Because admittedly, I had been lost in thought, because I was thinking about my other two gripes. But I didn't miss the station. The skytrain computer just arbitrarily decided to screw with my head this morning.

2. We all know how I feel about smoking, so I won't go into that. But. I must make a request, which is why this gripe takes the form of a public service announcement.


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PEOPLE (or anything else you care to name, for that matter), PLEASE don't smoke at bus stops. When it's below zero, the smoke is *worse*. Haven't you ever heard of the London Peasouper? Where upwards of four thousand people choked to death because low temperatures forced all of the smog to ground-level? That's what you're doing to me, right now! If you feel you *must* smoke, why don't you go *over there*, six-to-fifteen feet away? So that I *don't* have to breathe your fumes? If the rest of us wanted to smoke, we would be smoking. If we wanted you to *share*, we would *ask* you. But as we *haven't*, PLEASE don't smoke at bus stops. Ew.

Yeah. A mild asthma attack is not a good way to start the morning.

3. Okay; British Columbians are considered to be fairly environmentally-conscious, right? Well, apparently nobody told the developers. On the bus this morning, I happened to pause next to an empty lot between Denny's and what I *think* was... okay, I can't remember what it was. What I *do* remember is the sign saying "SOLD: Strip Mall, Phase One."

I glared at the sign. The woman sitting next to me inched away.

I am bloody sick and tired of developers deciding, again arbitrarily, that a piece of land is being "wasted", and that it must be "usefully exploited" for the sake of "progress". It pisses me off like almost nothing else. It's certainly on my top five list.

For example, there's this great big chunk of woodland by my house - fields, trees, marsh. Gorgeous when the sun is on it, either coming up or going down, bits of it over three hundred years old.

And there's some developer bidding for it so he can build condos. Rip down all the trees, tear up all the ground, and build *condos*. Like the hundred-fifty-five condos a hundred feet away on Hammond Road are so *very* full (in fact, only fourty-three of them have anyone living in them), and sturdy, too - built on another marsh (most of Pitt Meadows *is* marsh) by dumping in piles of sand. So the first big quake, every single one of them goes under like quicksand.

It's just blatant stupidity, and this isn't the kind of small, trivial, forgettable stupidity that one sees *every day*, *all the time*. This is the kind of stupidity that causes hundreds of thousands of people to die horribly, because really, it's all those useless trees and weeds that let you *breathe*, you idiot developers.

I have said it before; the world distresses me.

But if they start bulldozing that field, I *will* chain myself to a tree.

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