Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

It still looks like a depressurized parrot...

Finished my Morph project - it was morphing one of my original characters into Homer Simpson. Fun, fun. Especially since they weren't even *centred*...

...most of the in-between drawings look like a depressurized parrot - like that bit in Total Recall where Arnold and the female co-star are going all buggy-eyed on the atmosphere-lacking surface of Mars.

But it's FINISHED! Bwahahah! Which is all that matters. My Softimage project is *also* finished.

And now, some things to remember tomorrow when I'm cursing my school:

1. I *wanted* to come here.
2. Only fourty-five minutes 'til lunch...
3. IVP is next! Yay messing with cameras! We shall make movies this summer!
4. Movies on Friday. Movies on Friday. Wait, maybe I should save that one for Friday...
5. You have a *good* lunch. I made it myself.
6. It's a *bad* idea to speak in the third person.
7. Never trust anyone who talks about themselves in the third person.
8. Hmm... the Photoshop teacher talks about herself in the third person...
9. There's chocolate in the front pocket. You can re-caffienate at break.
9b. And in the meantime, don't fall asleep in class. They hate that.
10. It's all right that the day is 10.5 hours long. You can make it up on Saturday, and if anyone disturbs you, you can kill them.
11. You will get the textbook for this class on Friday. Ignore the instructor. He's an idiot. You can figure it out from the textbook.
12. Yay! You don't have to come in on Saturday! :D

Okay. I'm done. 'Til later.

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