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*sigh of relief*

Today was Evil Day of Hell. I had four classes, all two-and-a-half hours long minimum, with only a half-hour break between classes two and three. Tuesday is Day of Hell, also because it's the only day I need *either* of my heavy textbooks, and since we can't leave stuff in the lockers or *anywhere* at the school, I have to cart everything I own from here to Burnaby on the bus. At least, at seven in the morning, it sure as hell *feels* like everything I own.

But tomorrow is Day Off. No work, no school, and only four more drawings to finish for my Morph project (And a Photoshop project, but that's not due 'til next week, so I'm not worrying about it tomorrow. The school FTP seems to actually *work*, and so I shall do *all* my work at home. All I need now is a photo-capture rig, and I'd hardly need to go to school at all... ;).

Not terribly impressed with the Photoshop teacher, who admits openly that she only sort of knows the program, and "not this version" because she "hasn't used it in a long time". She does a lot of shrugging and shrugging off. And she gets pissy if you don't pay absolute attention to her when she's talking - today she yelled at me (so to speak) because she saw me closing the window I'd started closing when she *started* talking, claiming I wasn't paying attention. She did the same thing with every single person who came in late and automatically checked their email when they sat down, in the way of someone accustomed to having constant access to a computer. Gah. Miranda and I have agreed that everything she tells is is quite absorbable in the textbook, anyway (the textbook rocks my world - so many shiiiny pictures!), and in the tutorials on the CD, and in the files she pulls from the instructor CD. She doesn't really *do* much, except copy files from the instructor CD onto the school drive, so we can copy them into our own drives and do all the work at home, from the textbook. So far as we can tell, the only function she actually serves is to be annoying, condescending, and always there when you turn around. It's *creepy*. And she seems to want to make up for lost time by giving us enormous projects right away, because *she* bailed on class last week and never showed up. Making up for lost time - pfft. Yeah. *Our* time, that *she* lost.

Yeah. We don't like her. ;)

Ordered my evil XSI textbook today, direct from publisher. Cost me sixty-two dollars Canadian, which is eleven less American than the Amazon bastards wanted to charge me for a used copy. And it's coming from Seattle, not bloody Phoenix, so it should be here by Friday. I hope. But I did finish my XSI project (or rather, I gave up in despair on the last, piddling little detail I had left to do, because I did *exactly* what he told us to do, it's just that the program's not doing what it did when *he* did the same thing. So. *shrug*

Anyway. Now I read, and then I sleep, and tomorrow Mum is making me get up evilly early to drive her to the train. And, I suppose, drive the evil children to school, because Mum has to go into the city tomorrow. But after that, I think I shall take a bath. And read some more. And... watch Lilo&Stitch for the sixth time.

Hee. I love that movie. :)

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