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Also went to Vancouver yesterday - wanted to see the China exhibit at Science World before I go in... yack! Less than two weeks! I'm leaving home in less than two weeks, and not going back 'til December!!! *sways a bit*

We got there horrifyingly early and took the Skytrain backward on the line to Metrotown. Where even less was open. So we waited there until some of the stores opened, because I saw something in a window I wanted to buy... *hangs head in shame* The window also got me. It's a black tank top and it has a *unicorn* on it! Don't look at me that way, youknowwhoyouare... you would've done the same thing.

Bought an unbelievably out-of-date "DOS for Dummies" book from Value Village, and snicked Nadia's Japanese-English Dictionary from her for a few days - but I had a good find! I actually found practically-new black jeans at the Village that ACTUALLY FIT ME! Unusual - I'm funny-shaped. As opposed to Nadia, who's rail-thin and can wear *anything*... But I got jeans! Nice ones! *dances further* Hmm... lots of my new stuff is black...

And... I must remember to stop going into Grand and Toy... I have absolutely no restraint. Neither does Nadia, but that really doesn't make me feel any better. I spent seven bucks in there on a pen, a pencil, and a notebook. I'm ashamed of myself. (Well... maybe not much.) It's such a *nice* pen... and it's a pretty drawing pencil, which I desperately needed, and a notebook that's even bound properly...

Yeah, yeah, I know. No restraint. :)

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