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Mmm... chocolate...

Mmmm. Faya just brought me cocoa (*real* cooca!) for no apparent reason. How nice.

...and... suspicious... ;)

Life Drawing and... *checks* Drawing for Animation, which is a workshop. And... damn, I *do* have to carry the bloody document case tomorrow...

And then I've got an Anpro lab where I sit for two-and-a-half hours playing with Softimage to finish the project he just sort of *handed* to us without much explanation...

...not to mention the textbook he sort of... "suggested" we find, even though it wasn't mentioned on the class sheet before we got to class, and even though there are *no* bookstores around here that *have* the bloody thing... and the only place I've found it is, the hellsite, and I'm not even sure it's the same volume...


Should sleep.

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