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Get out of my brain, Ellen Guon!

After my last class got cancelled yesterday, I stopped at the Coquitlam stop on my way home - went to Chapters to get a document case for my animation paper, because it's so bloody big. Called Dad to come fetch me, because Mum had said she would, and I was out of transfers anyway.

Anyway. The important thing is, after I got my case, I wandered into the Sci Fi/Fantasy section (as if I don't *always* get drawn in there as if by a magnet - I have no control...). And I took a closer look at something I picked up and glanced over in Toronto - a copy of Bedlam's Bard, which at the time I'd thought was just a reprint of another book, Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, the sequel to which I haven't been able to locate. But when I flipped through it, I saw a "Book One" title page. And then I flipped further, and saw a "Book Two" title page, which turned out to be the sequel I've been looking for for months, Summoned to Tourney. No idea how I missed that the first time, given that on the back of the book, inside a little yellow box, is a publisher's note saying exactly that. *smacks forehead*

So anyway, I now have Summoned to Tourney. Which is good, since after Dad dropped a stack of Heinlens on my lap last week, I finished them all in about five days. Though now I have this one, I'll probably plough through it in less time and then be bookless again. Seems that while I've been looking, though, there have been two *more* books published in this series. Ye gods. They're trying to inpoverish me. *sigh*

Went to get my student loans signed off today - the financial office lady was really snippy about the fact that I actually *didn't* have the $480 outstanding conveniently available to hand to her. I told her I had a CST coming, and that no, I didn't know exactly when, but it was coming, and after all, it was *you* who filled out the forms for me to get it.


The woman last year was the same way - except she was about fifty years older so she was prissy about it as well. What *is* it about those people? I left wanting to smack something, repeatedly, and hard, after having promised her that I'd stop in before class tomorrow with the VERY SAME FORMS they claimed to have made copies of in case of just such a situation. But they couldn't find them, and she was downright *mean* about it. Geez.

Have... Animation tomorrow, and 3DAM, which is SoftImage. Three straight hours staring at a monitor is a lot harder than it sounds.

Shower, then sleep. Zzzzz...

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