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Doot, doot

And here I am at school, on the extremely nifty computer, wasting time playing with SoftImage while we wait for the instructor to arrive. Which he/she hasn't, yet. Great way to start the first day. Or maybe she figures *we'll* all be late because we're new, so she's giving us time.


I did the Home-->School commute again this morning, this way via the Skytrain route. Either it's better or I'm just getting used to it - I'm not dead, and I actually woke up at the proper station. Good signs, I think.

Unfortunately, the only girl whose name I remember from orientation is in all the same classes as me, but different sections. So, lunchtime I get to talk to another human being. Also good. I didn't really do that yesterday. I find it intimidating that I'm being so very out-geeked. Sigh. I guess I'll adjust.

Anyway. Should go. Later.

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