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Magic money elves...

I was at Coquitlam Centre, on my way home from school - I'd stopped in to visit BigKim at Lewiscraft. After that I went to the Scotiabank ABM to get out twenty bucks for late lunch, as I hadn't eaten yet.

I'd checked my balance via the phone hotline as I left school - it said $70.01. I went, okay, that makes sense.

But when I got the receipt from the ABM, it said Available = $101.01.


I stared at it a minute, trying to figure out how thirty-odd bucks had magically appeared in my account. I called my mum, and she went: "Ooh! Elves!"

Turns out it was just my GST credit finally catching up with me. Though the statement says it was deposited on the fourth (which it *should* have been), and it apparently didn't actually *hit* my account until midway between the Braid skytrain and Coquitlam Station.

But hey; it *could* have been elves. ;)

I went and spent thirty of it on clothes, then. The credit was for $53.25, so I've still got twenty. I tend to, by tradition, just blow my GST credit on things I don't need but really, really want. It's a fun tradition.

I do wonder why it took so long to catch up, though. It might just be that it was the first time it was automatically deposited instead of me going in and cashing the actual cheque. I should ask them about that when I go in tomorrow to get the banking info for my student loans.

Student loan appointment Wednesday - should write that down, somewhere...

Oh, Nadia: La Senza is having a sale on underwear - 5 for $25. I thought you'd like to know; when I told Faya she got all high-pitched and happy. It was amusing. That reminds me; she still owes me ice cream...

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